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Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of In Real Estate Deals

Buying and selling property in New York can be overwhelming and difficult. While it seems like a simple transaction of one person selling something that another is buying, with real estate, it often becomes more complex.

  • When purchasing a home or other property, there are many “small details” that, when not addressed, can create unnecessary liability for you. Therefore, you need to ensure all business is conducted smoothly and correctly and that the other party is not given the opportunity to take advantage of you.
  • Similarly, when you are selling a property, you want the contracts to be prepared in such a way that you are protected from future litigation or legal action. We offer experienced, professional and proactive legal guidance and representation to protect your interests and minimize your risk and liability.

At Levinson, Reineke & Kimple, P.C., in Central Valley, New York, we are committed to helping you when you are buying or selling residential or commercial property. We also offer legal services to developers who want to avoid zoning and planning issues.

The Residential Buying And Selling Guidance You Need For A Successful Outcome

Our transactions work includes drafting and reviewing contracts for clients who are buying and selling property. Guidance is absolutely crucial in these dealings.

We understand how important these assets are, and the exchange between buyer and seller must be seamless and as problem-free as possible. As seasoned real estate attorneys, we work directly with you to ensure your goals are achieved and each contract satisfies your needs.

Buying and selling property can also affect other areas – both legal and personal. Our legal practice is broad enough that we can offer insight into these ramifications as well. We believe that an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. If any unexpected issues occur, our experience and expertise mean we can handle them quickly and professionally.

Effective Real Estate Conflict Resolution

In addition to contracts and transactions, our firm is ready to help you through a variety of conflicts that emerge in real estate, including property and boundary disputes; open and hostile adverse possession; zoning issues; planning board issues and other matters. Real estate law is one of the most complex legal practice areas, and we have the experience and knowledge to represent you in the multitude of issues that can arise from your property.

Skilled Assistance With Zoning And Planning Matters

Our firm partners have over 65 years of combined legal practice. We have the skill and experience to help you through your real estate issue at whatever level necessary: guidance, negotiation or litigation.

Commercial developers often run into zoning and planning issues. Moving forward in commercial real estate matters without an attorney will expose your business to potentially hazardous levels of risk. We can help to ensure that your issue is handled appropriately and that all documentation is filed accurately and on deadline. We also offer guidance in public hearings, working with city officials and public communication regarding your project.

Get In Touch And Get Started

Do not leave your most important assets – your property – to real estate brokers. Let Levinson, Reineke & Kimple, P.C., represent you in your real estate matters. We offer personal advocacy that truly looks out for your best interests. Schedule an initial consultation with us today by calling 845-827-1651. You can also send an email. Serving individual clients and developers in residential and commercial matters throughout the Hudson Valley area.

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